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Questions and Answers

FAQ Here we will collect all the recurring questions and answers on everything that may impact on personnel, students and surrounding residents.



Accessibility. Humanisten will have both entrances open (Renströmsgatan 6 and Lundgrensgatan 7) as usual until june 2018. The main entrance (Renströmsgatan 6) will then be closed for renovation. A new temporary main entrance is then open on Lundgrensgatan 1B. The entrance on Lundgrensgatan 7 is accessibility adapted and will be open as usual the whole period. There are lifts on several locations in Humanisten.


Bike path. at Språkskrapan. What’s happening to it?
ANSWER: The bike path will be closed when construction starts in November 2016 and will stay closed until building ends 2019/2020. Cyclists will have to take an alternative route, via Eklandagatan/Korsvägen for example or over Volrat Thamsgatan. This is for safety reasons due to blasting, etc. The steps up to UB from Lundgrensgatan are open for pedestrians.

Blasting. Flag guards will be positioned on footpaths to warn passers-by. A loud warning siren will always sound before blasting.


Campus Näckrosen. For questions regarding the vision and co-location project of the Arts Faculty and the University Library, see campusnackrosen.gu.se

Car parks. What’s happening with the car parks?
ANSWER: The parking garage at Lundgrensgatan 5 will stay open until June 3 2017. The erection of huts outside the garage will reduce the number of parking spaces and from May 2017 this area is closed for parking. Directions to parking spaces closest to UB and inside Renströmsparken (belong to Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 6.8. NB! Parking meters are by UB).

Cordons. The area being cordoned off is largely on Akademiska Hus ground, called the developed area. The exception is the bike road (Mannheimers väg) which Akademiska Hus is renting from the City of Gothenburg during the project period. The permanent barriers are there for your safety. Transports to and from the construction site take place inside. Temporary cordons may be erected on certain occasions during the project period. Information concerning where and when will be distributed via the Project Information newsletter and this website.

Café. See Restaurant.


Fence around the building site in Näckrosparken. Half the grass area in front of Humanisten and the bike road will be fenced in as a building site (blue area on picture) during the entire construction period as a safety precaution. Refer to Transport routes for information concerning transports to and from the area.




Grass area. Will it be restored after the building project?
ANSWER: Yes, the grass area will be restored after the build 2019/2020 and will not be built on but the grass will not withstand the weight if it is not hardened. In addition, the area needs to be prepared to handle surface water (large pit).


Hearing protection. NCC has placed ear plugs in Humanisten (in common areas such as the Servicecentre). They also distribute ear protectors to personnel that are temporarily directly impacted by noise during the various stages of the build.


Lighting. Lighting on the building site is coupled to timers and motion detectors in order to minimise disturbance to surrounding residences during the night. Please report any disturbances to humbygget@hum.gu.se so fine adjustments can be made.


Muddy streets. See Street sweeping


Newsletter. We will publish information in Swedish concerning current events happening in the building project during the project period in a newsletter called Project Information. Would you like to get the newsletter in you email inbox? Send an email to humbygget@hum.gu.se Write "Newsletter order" in the subject line.

Noise. Disturbances are inevitable during construction but the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Gothenburg regarding noise abatement will be followed. Noise levels and vibration will be followed up with measurements. Any excessive levels of vibration will trigger an alarm. See also Hearing protection.


Park. Renströmsparken (Näckrosdammsparken) is the area west of the bike road Mannheimers väg. The area east of the bike road is Akademiska Hus ground, called the developed area.

See mapPits. What are the small pits being dug in several places? And why are they being coloured?
ANSWER: The pits are test pits to find out if the earth being disposed of is contaminated and if so, by what. These measurements are being taken to see where the earth is to be disposed of. The ground can be contaminated by precipitation.

The passage. From Lennart Torstenssonsgatan to the main entrance to Humanisten across the building site the passage will be closed for safety reasons from 1 November 2016. Alternative routes over to Korsvägen from Lennart Torstenssonsgatan are down past Artisten and then via Olofs Wijksgatan or from Lennart Torstenssonsgatan via the footpath in the forest above the Språkskrapan (Bernhard Karlgrens gångväg) to Lundgrensgatan and then the steps Lundgrens trappor.


Restaurant. What’s happening to it?
ANSWER: The Näckrosen restaurant remains until the summer 2018, it will then close for renovation. A temporary simpler café will open in Språkskrapan floor 4 from september 2018. The Näckrosen restaurant will open again when the rebuilding is done.


Street sweeping. Extra sweeping has been ordered and will take place twice a week and whenever necessary. This is due to the streets getting muddy due to transports to and from the building site.


Transport routes. Transports to and from "Nybygget Väster" will take place via Olof Wijksgatan/Johannebergsgatan firstly and secondly via Lennart Torstenssonsgatan. Transports to and from "Länkarna" take place via Lundgrensgatan. See also Street sweeping.

Trees in the park. There are trees in the park that have been marked - what do the markings mean?
ANSWER: The trees in the wood/Renströmsparken that have been marked are considered to be worth preserving by arborists at the City of Gothenburg’s Park and Nature. The project does not involve removing trees unnecessarily but some tree-felling will take place on the building site. Some trees will be "boarded in" to protect them from building traffic, for example.

Trees on Lundgrensgatan. The two alder trees (see photo) and the large linden tree by the parking meter on Lundgrensgatan are to be preserved. However, the linden tree will be pruned somewhat.






Water shut-offs. The City of Gothenburg, Circulation and Water, informs on planned water shut-off at goteborg.se/vattenavstangningar

Not all shut-offs are to do with the building work but can also be part of normal maintenance.

Windows are covered. To the west the windows are covered (corridor and lecture halls) - why?
ANSWER: The windows are covered both for noise insulation and protection during blasting behind the Large Auditorium.


Questions? Please send all your questions about the building project to humbygget@hum.gu.se


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